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We wish to bring to your notice that we are Bangalore based, IT Related Company, Professionals in Sales/Rentals and Lease of LAN/WAN Equipments of CISCO.

We are specialized in providing unique services on High-End Network Integration, basically in providing Networking Equipments of reputed manufacturers like Cisco, HP, Alcatel, Lucent, Juniper, SUN, 3-Com, Linksys, D-Link, Net gear, and all kinds of Telecommunication Products etc...

And various other products like Servers, Intel / SUN of Single, Dual, Quad and 8 processor base systems, HBA Q Logic Cards, Hard Disk Drives, Rack and other IT Peripherals. We have enclosed our Company Profile for your kind consideration.

We import and deliver all networking products which are hard to find [Telecommunication Products] in India within a 10 days time.
Cisco Routers 800-1600-1700-1800-2500-2600-2800-3600-3700-3800-7200-7300 Series
Cisco Switches 2950-2960-CE500-3550-3560-3750-4000-6000-6500 Series
Cisco Firewalls &
Security Systems
506E-515E-525E-535E-ASA5500 Series
Cisco Router Add-on Cards NPE Engines, Port Adaptors, EPII+, BPII+, HPII+, I/Os, etc
Cisco Switches &
Add- on Cards
Sup Engines, Modules, GBICs, GLCs, Memories, Power Supplies, POEs etc
Cisco NM / WIC /
WIC-1T, 2T, 1FE, 2FE, 2MFT, B/ST, A/S, 4ESW etc
Cisco GBICs &
GLC, 5484, 5486, 5483 etc
Cisco VOIP & Call
Manager Servers
AS5300, MICA, IP Phones, ATA, RAS, etc
Cisco Wireless
Access Points of all Series and Wireless Adaptors
Cisco Interface Cables Cab-V.35, SS V.35, SS / RS232, 449, RPS, Octal and all other types
Memories Flash &
16/32/64/128/256/512/1G,2G Flash and Drams
Servers Dell/HP/SUN
Unix/IBM/Intel etc. & Accs.
V240/ 280 R Blades 1500/2000, 3400, X225/226/300 etc. DL360/380 etc
Storage Solutions on
EMC2 / NetApp & Spares
DS8B3 / 32B / NetApp / Ultrium Tape Drives / Storage Library, Arrays etc
Also available refurbished/used IT Equipments of above on Sale.
We also Render support on Configuration/Installation/Service & Repair of all kinds of Networking Products
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